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IWI has been in the automotive aftermarket business for more than 45 years. Currently, we have thirteen (13) warehouses and a Corporate Headquarters supporting over 250 employees. IWI's business success and longevity are based on developing a "partnership" and "trust" with each of our customers. Over the past 50 years, our success in the marketplace has come from providing an extensive inventory management system to our customer.

As a two-step distributor, we purchase products directly from the manufacturers to receive the deepest discounts possible. These price savings are passed onto the customers to allow them a competitive edge in their marketplace.

Throughout company history customers have relied on IWI to carry quality, nationally recognized brands. IWI buys from respected Original Equipment Manufacturing companies such as AC/Delco, MotorCraft, Mopar and Tenneco, just to name a few. A complete listing is available under ‘Brands We Carry'.

The most important assets of IWI are the employees. It is the employees that set IWI apart from the competition by the service they provide to the customer. To IWI, service means hassle free returns, knowledgeable counter personnel and sales people who are accessible weekly to meet the needs of the customer.

The IWI Advantage:

At the core of IWI's business philosophy is the desire to develop a partnership with each customer. The cornerstone of this partnership is based on trust. Customers have come to trust IWI for fair, competitive pricing, a delivery system that gets the products they need when they need them, and to manage their inventory with the products they need to be successful.

A renowned aspect of IWI's inventory management program is hassle free, no charge product updates. When a customer needs to add part numbers and stop carrying others, we do not charge restocking or handling charges when fulfilling their request. We take out the slower moving items and put in the new, faster moving items, it is that simple.