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Bumper To Bumper  helps auto parts stores deliver quality products and affordable prices to consumers everywhere in North America. Although it's members,were founded independently in the 70s, each has always been backed by the buying power that makes it possible for small businesses to survive in an intensely competitive international automotive market.

Group marketing direction is derived in marketing committees and jobber and service dealer councils formed of members from different warehouse distributors. These components discuss, review and evaluate marketing opportunities and programs before presenting them to the entire membership at biannual meetings.

Bumper To Bumper's overall buying power is so great that, in several cases, its combined purchase volumes makes it either the first or second largest customer of a national brand manufacturer. It's this buying power that allows the smaller members to compete with large WD's, mass merchandisers and chain retailers.







             Warehouse Distributor (Shareholders)  


                        United States (53)


                        Canada (6)


                        Mexico (10)






          Warehouse Distribution Centers     over 97

             Auto Parts Stores                              2,300 +


             Certified Service Centers                    2,870 +




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